Wednesday, 13 February 2019


January in Poland and in our project meant a lot of winter fun and outdoor sporting activities. 

With the first fall of the snow the students and teachers decided to make a snowmen and have a real snowball fight. There was a lot of fun, laughter and rosy cheeks which all of which, as we know contribute to the health in general. Afterwards a bit cold but with a lot of air in our lungs and oxygen in our brains we could go back to the intellectual work.:)

As part of the extra curriculum activities, students and the gym teachers went sleighing. There was a lot of fun together with a bit of competition as there were races as well. Winter PE lesson can be so much better when you just go to play in the snow and Poland is lucky this year to have a lot of it. As they say in countries with changeable weather conditions: there is no bad weather for outdoor activities, there's just bad clothing;)

On Saturday, the 2nd of February the teachers and students went ice skating on the city rink. Everyone had great time despite of skills but some of the students showed a real talent in ice-skating so it looked more like figure skating with elements of dancing as well. All the muscles were used and that was a real active trip.

The students in Italy went to the mountains to do winter activities!! They learnt to walk on the snow using snowshoes!! It was fantastic and unforgettable day!!!!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018


Students from Italy have created their logos for the logo contest. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2018


Last Friday, the spanish students had the visit of the pediatrician-nutritionist, Miguel Angel Fuentes, former student of the College. Through slides he explained to us the evolution of the research work that has been carried out on the advantages and disadvantages of some foods.

He concluded by saying that each person according to their age, physical activity or environment in which they live, will need a different diet.

It was an interesting talk and the children participated with their questions and doubts.

Italian students are working on healthy habits:) 

Our friends from Italy had an amazing day! 

During this week, all the students of La Inmaculada School (Spain) are working on the importance of having good eating habits and hygiene and the need to practice sports, through different workshops of healthy habits.


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Last week younger students from Poland had a visit from a beekeeper, who told them all about the health benefits of honey. They even had a chance to taste it:))