Tuesday, 7 May 2019


Polish school garden 

As part of the project every school is setting and taking care of their own project garden.

Polish school's garden underwent a lot of changes. Everything planted is signed in two languages, Polish and English. 

Due to the climate in Poland and very cold spring we cannot enjoy all the harvest yet such a as strawberries, blueberries, and other fruit but we can enjoy lettuces and herbs which were used to prepare healthy salads and snacks and presented during Family Fair on the 31st of May. 

Students had a blast preparing food from such healthy ingredients and everyone who tried them enjoyed them very much. 

Spanish school garden 

We do two plantations. The winter harvest in September and the spring-summer in February. We depend on the Mediterranean climate.

With the school garden, the students know the products that can be planted at different times of the year in a Mediterranean climate.

The final product of the project is to exchange what is collected in the school garden for non-perishable food and these are delivered to the Food Bank of Alicante.

Spring is the time of waking up our garden. Students took the garden tools then and begin to transform the garden for the planting and growing season. In our garden, we will soon welcome strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and various spices Thanks to the lovely weather the work has been done swiftly and the gardeners took a nice dose of fresh air and rosy chicks.

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Meetings with a specialists

Italian students met an Athletics Champion and the sports director of the Foligno football team, the Coach and the captain of the team. They talked about their personal experience and about the importance of doing a sport .The students were really struck and asked them many questions.


In relation to the project that we have started the students of 5ºEP "Olympic Dreams", the athlete Domingo Ramón Menargues and his coach Joaquín Villar, who has been a physical education teacher in our school, came to our classes.

Domingo Ramón, uncle of the mother of our colleague Nubia, is Spanish explusmarquista of 3,000 meters male obstacles. He participated in the Olympic Games of Moscow in 1980 and Los Angeles 1984, obtaining Olympic Diploma in both (fourth and sixth place respectively) in the test of the 3,000 meters obstacles.

After telling us a lot of anecdotes, we went to the athletics track of the school and made a career.

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and anecdotes with us. It has been a real pleasure to meet you. We have learned that it is very important to eat healthy and play spor


Last Friday, Álvaro Martínez, Delegate of the federated sections of the UA sport, and José García, soccer coach of the Paralympic Hercules CF, visited us.

Álvaro, talked about all the sports that can be practiced in the UA. He told us all the help that athletes who study there can receive and in this way to be able to combine sports and studies.

He explained the importance of doing sports to have a healthy life and the benefits it has on our body.

José, explained his experience in adapted sports and he showed us some pictures and videos of the training that the players of the Paralympic Hercules do.

He also explained a new sport that is being introduced in schools, the Colpbol, a very fun integrative sport

Thank you very much to Álvaro and José!

Monday, 1 April 2019


In March in Polish schools, we had Family Tournament. Students with parents were competing as teams in 10 sporting competitions. The evening was filled with sport, laughter and family bonding. Students had opportunities to spend real quality time with their otherwise busy parents. The Tournament was finished with the presentation of the winners; everyone went home with the diploma and the price, which they can use in the further sporting activities. The only request from the participants was that that sort of events should take place in the school often :)

Last week the Italian students had sports competitions with their families. It was a success!!!! Parents were enthusiastic and they had a great time together! Some families also prepared healthy snacks!

Sunday, 10 March 2019


As part of Erasmus + project the students from 6th grade become professional chefs and prepare a healthy snack, meal or dessert.

Saturday, 2 March 2019


The spanish students showed dances to their younger classmates. It has been a very fun month!

The italian students had a great time dancing in their school.

The students in Greece danced some traditional dances.

The students in Poland had a carnival party during which they learnt party dances.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Winter sport padlet from Spain  Go to the link

January in Poland and in our project meant a lot of winter fun and outdoor sporting activities. 

With the first fall of the snow the students and teachers decided to make a snowmen and have a real snowball fight. There was a lot of fun, laughter and rosy cheeks which all of which, as we know contribute to the health in general. Afterwards a bit cold but with a lot of air in our lungs and oxygen in our brains we could go back to the intellectual work:)

As part of the extra curriculum activities, students and the gym teachers went sleighing. There was a lot of fun together with a bit of competition as there were races as well. Winter PE lesson can be so much better when you just go to play in the snow and Poland is lucky this year to have a lot of it. As they say in countries with changeable weather conditions: there is no bad weather for outdoor activities, there's just bad clothing;)

On Saturday, the 2nd of February the teachers and students went ice skating on the city rink. Everyone had great time despite of skills but some of the students showed a real talent in ice-skating so it looked more like figure skating with elements of dancing as well. All the muscles were used and that was a real active trip.

The students in Italy went to the mountains to do winter activities!! They learnt to walk on the snow using snowshoes!! It was fantastic and unforgettable day!!!!